Cursed the Will to Dream


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released September 27, 2018

Mixed and Mastered by Josh Schroeder


all rights reserved



LIFE'S QUESTION Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Rhythm of the Street
Resentment of birth. Readily awaiting the day. I meet my maker. The dice roll. Unavoidable dread. My reaper around the corner with a gun to my head. I’m in shock of this dismay. I kneel down and lay my hand on the street. I can feel the pain of this rhythm. I can hear it’s beat.
It comes for me it comes for you. Comes for the hated comes for the few. Not the rich only the poor. It didn’t stop at the cross it only brought more. Death is the only answer. The only cure to sleep peacefully. Without life’s turmoil. My reaper put me to sleep. I kneel down and lay my hand on the street. I can feel the pain of this rhythm. I can hear it’s beat. My hands cover my head. I cower like a child. With the hopes of one day. This being brought to an end.
Track Name: Rotting from the Head Down
I can’t find peace within my mind. Out of touch with reality. The more I try the less I feel. Past regrets unfulfilled. Fabricated voice in my head telling me who I am and how I should feel. Dead and dreaming am I really alive? Filled with the Darkness that devours me. I’m always struggling to break free. Seeking to find an end to this battle. That consumes my mind. Good and evil consume my mind. Mind at the altar. End my time. I lay down to die no fight left anymore. Light at the end of the tunnel. Slowly burning away.
Track Name: Another Neighborhood Disaster
Are we just a doomed youth?
Dead now soon forgotten?
A Mother screams as she runs to her blood stained son.
The chamber is empty
shells cover the street
The holes in his body create a lasting hole in the mother’s heart
They say there’s no god or law to blame just fate
Are we just a doomed youth?
Dead now soon forgotten
How many more have to die before the devil and God make there truce?
Candles in hand tears roll.
Candles in hand the tears turn red as they roll.
Where was I for my son?
Was this out of my control?
The casket kissed one last time
As the sun disappears into the dirt.
6 feet deep

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